Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Tipid tips: Hair conditioner♥

Don't throw your hair conditioner containers right away!
I want to share this to all of you.  I don't know if a lot of you also practice this at home.  I am sure, many of us ladies use hair conditioner, I would suggest that you buy those on tubes.  Usually there are leftovers inside the containers that you can still use:  "Sayang" (it's like 2 to 3 uses pa).  Honestly I did not realize that there's still an ample amount of it inside, I only learned about it one time when I ran out of conditioner.  From that time on: I do this before opening a new tube.

Things you need are:

Pair of scissors and plastic spoon
Clean plastic container
Hair conditioner on Tube container
Actually even if you tried squeezing and pushing it down: there are still leftovers inside.  So what you will do is to cut the tube container at middle and spoon the left over conditioner inside and place it on the plastic container.

Do you have also have a tipid tip to share?


  1. I buy sachet instead bottles so it's more tipid... Though it's more unenvironmental friendly that way since there's a lot of trash after.

    We do the same thing (cutting it) in toothpaste... :)

    1. Hi! I also do the same on toothpaste. :) But it's more tipid if you buy shampoo/conditioner in bottles (yes you're right it's not environmental friend) kse if you add up the content in sachets vs the content of the bottled shampoo. (think it's cheaper to buy na lang the one's in bottles/containers). Total number of sachets (let's say content per sachet is 3ml then bottled 100ml: 3ml x 33.33sachets = 100ml) x Then multiply by cost per sachet (33 sachets x P7.00/sachet = P231.00) so for 100ml of sachet = P231.00 as against P120.00 or P140.00 for 100ml bottled shampoo. ;)


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