Monday, February 29, 2016

Getting addicted to Frank♥

Few weeks ago I came across a Facebook shared post about essential oils (click here to read) and what can they do on certain sickness specifically cancer.  Lately there had been health issues on both sides of my family and I am into researching and reading on things regarding natural remedies and cures.  What food to eat and those we should avoid.  Living a healthy lifestyle is one of my major goals this year.  I am trying my best to lessen my sugar intake and drink more water.  I am almost mid-40 (menopause is just around the corner) so I know should take care of myself more: by exercising, getting enough sleep and eating the right kind of foods.

Frankincense or i call it Frank: sounds familiar right? It's one of the gifts of the Three kings to Baby Jesus... Remember Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh?  In tagalog it's called "kamanyang": it is used for incense or incenso in a Catholic mass, especially during Holy week.  I never thought that it has powerful healing properties: the Big C killer. 

I tried searching for where to get this oil or if it's available here in the Philippines.  I admit I'm afraid of buying essential oils online because I might get a fake one or not 100% pure.  I wanted to go to Quiapo who is known for having all those healing leaves, oil and etc.  But I really wanted to get something that is tested and a reputable brand and I came across Young living.  A good friend from the US was good enough to help me purchase Frank.  I bought three 15ml bottles: one for me and one each for my aunts.  You can also get this oil from G-stuff in Rockwell at P5,300.00 for 15ml.

It has a strong but familiar scent.  I dilute one drop of frank with a small amount of extra virgin coconut oil and apply it on the bottom of my feet every night.  Or sometimes if I stressed from work I apply some on my shoulders also.  It really relaxes me.  I haven't tried ingesting it, though they say it's safe, but I'd rather go for the topical application of the oil. 

Now I am wanting some more of these essential oils... next Lavender my fave scent. (*wink) 


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