Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Pins x Badges x Patches Trend♥

Source: Zara

Anyone ready for this trend?  Don't you want to try to embellish your shirt, jacket or denims with  lips and hearts? Adding a bit of your personality on your wardrobe by placing pins, badges and patches: very in fashion this season.

Source: Zara
Customizing one's outfit is not really a new idea, it was very popular in the seventies. Where jackets and vests are embellished with various insignia.

Source: Zara
We can also make use of our old jackets, denims and shirts by putting pins and iron-on patches.  You can find these at Zara and Stradivarius boutiques or you can create your own.

Zara: Pack of 6 pins/badges P995.00
Stradivarius: Set of 5 floral embroidered patches P495.00 / Set of 3 Nautical motif pins P395.00

Are you excited to embellish your outfit? Because I am.. (*wink!) 


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