Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Dolce Amore♥

Ciao!  Yes I am one of those who got so addicted in watching Dolce Amore (Sweet Love), and after 7 months it's finally ending on Friday. (Sigh.)  Honestly, I never missed an episode. I am not a LizQuen fan but of all love teams now I love watching them.   Enrique and Liza have already matured as artists - both are no longer "just a pretty face". 

Dolce Amore : It's not your ordinary romantic-comedy teleserye does not really focus on boy and girl relationship but also family love.  Forgiving, moving on and choosing LOVE above all.

And now my liking in learning the Italian language came back.  Every morning instead of greeting my nephews "good morning" I go - "Buongiorno!"  Learning Italian and Spanish is a dream, when they removed Spanish subject in college before I really felt bad since I wanted to learn it.  Oh well... hope it's not that late for me to do this.  (*wink)  It's easier now... I sincerely thank google translate.  I remember my very first blog's title in Friendster before was : La Dolce Vita de Criselda. (The Sweet life of Criselda)

What I have admired about them?  Very real... you can really feel their emotions and Liza's very good.I envy her for speaking good Italian. (hihi) Enrique was equally awesome.  Wait, not just them - but the whole cast.  Another great project from ABS-CBN - taking us to places not only here in the Philippines but also other parts of the world.  Traveling in Europe especially Italy is a dream. Congratulations to the whole cast (Complimenti a tutto il cast) especially to the directors May Cruz-Alviar, Cathy Garcia-Molina and Richard Arellano - Good work guys! (Buon Lavoro a tutti!)

I will surely miss the show (Io sicuramente perdere lo spettacolo).  But I am looking forward for their next teleserye hopefully next year.

xo, Chiq♥

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