Friday, July 27, 2018

CBCian 1988 at 30♥

Colegio Del Buen Consejo Batch 1988 with our dear teachers

It's been almost two weeks, but I can still feel the excitement in my nerves.  Last July 14 our Batch celebrated our 30th year.  I really consider this a once in a lifetime event, maybe my other batch mates feel the same way also.  Some of my classmates even flew to the Philippines just to attend our reunion.

The Backstory:

The reunion was supposed to be in April of 2018, but since we all wanted to accommodate the requests of some of our batch mates now based abroad (who wanted to attend the event) : it was moved to July.

Initial talks about the reunion began last February (2018) during the Grand Alumni Homecoming of our school - Colegio Del Buen Consejo.

The first committee meeting was held in May 2018.

The Committee:

The reunion committee was headed by Gretel Garcia-Yadao, our Overall Batch Director and Alumni Coordinator and Liza Paulino - President, Batch 1988 Pearl Anniversary Reunion.

The Core committee is consist of  the following hardworking people:
  • May Prado-Caliwag - Head, Logistics and Finance Committee;
  • Arlyn Trinidad - Social Coordinator (Internal), Logistics and Finance Committee / Member, Logistics and Finance / Member, Visual Arts and Physical Arrangement;
  • Abei Garcia - Social Coordinator (External), Logistics and Finance Committee / Apparel production head, Artistic Committee;
  • Anna Bautista - Activity and Program head / Political Coordinator;
  • Rita Olabre-Lamzon - Head, Visual Arts and Physical Arrangement, Artistic Committee;
  • Chiq Santos - Head, Souvenir Giveaway Production, Artistic Committee / Visual Artist;
  • Fatima Veloso - Head, Souvenir Program Production, Artistic Committee;
  • Joan Perez - Head, Social Connections Committee;
  • Carla Madridejo-Conquilla - Member, Social Connections;
  • Menchie German - Member, Social Coordinator (Internal & External);
  • Nenita Villanueva -  Member, Social Connections
Consultants : Ira Cruz-Rojo and Judith Advincula-Montefalcon.

It was privilege to be chosen and to be a part of the committee. :)

The Plan:

Planning the event was fun!  We started reminiscing our high school days.. The Cobra / Tidal wave bangs, Aqua net hair spray, Lace headbands, Menudo, Madonna, Spandau Ballet, Duran Duran and etc...  But most of all, our goal is to have more attendees (as possible) than the homecoming.  

Reunion theme: Bagets - because of the movie Bagets and we are 80's people!  

Venue :  Sorrento Oasis Clubhouse in Pasig City; 

Catering : MYC Catering

Love bags : For our teachers and mentors:  just like the bags we gave them during the Grand Alumni homecoming... bags with goodies, medicines and etc.;

Loot bags : For the attendees : the bag was sponsored by Silvia Sanchez-Yamada and goodies from anonymous sponsors;

Souvenir Program book : This was supposed to be given on the day of the event, but the committee decided to include photos from the Pearl reunion so it will be released weeks after.

Souvenir Giveaway : This was my assignment.  A framed photo : 1988 and current/recent photo of all batch mates. The photos became viral when I posted all of them on our group page.  Even our teachers requested me to do theirs also.

Photo and Video Coverage : Sponsored by Maribel Co-Barangan - Pixieblooms Events

Yearbook reproduction : Some of us have lost our yearbook (including me coz of Typhoon Ondoy), I suggested if it's possible to reproduce it...and Whoala! I am not the only one - most of us signed in for it's reproduction. 

The Pearl Event:

Sorrento Oasis Clubhouse, Pasig City 

Early call time for committee members, but  because of  the excitement of some... they came early also..

At the Registration
The Gwapings of the Batch

The Love bags for teachers/mentors
Our teachers
Our teachers

Our teachers

Our teachers

St. Augustine with Ms. Lolita Estacio (Adviser)
St.Dominic with Ms. Mariann Perez-Rentasida
St.Luke with Ms. Amparo Evora-Miguel (adviser)
St.Mark with Ms. Bernadeth Dionisio-Bautista
St.John with Ms. Eufemia Garcia

It was a wonderful, fun event... It was something beyond our expectation! 100+ attendees... (Honestly I lost track already)... 
And now we wanted to do this again on our 35th... ♥ 


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