Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Necklace Madness!♥

A simple outfit can be stunning by wearing necklaces! Aside from real ones... i also have a couple of simple and statement necklaces.  Necklaces have different lengths and styles.  Wearing necklaces depends on your wardrobe's neckline and your body type.

There are a couple of necklace brands that i really like, there are also nice ones that i bought from bargains or tiangges... and some of them i made myself.  When i went to Sydney i bought a some from Lovisa and Diva... Here are some of the brands i love: Betsey Johnson (coz of its unique, funky style), Mango (its super trendy), Accessorize (enchanting and mystical) and Tarina Tarantino (it carries Hello Kitty which they call Pink Head).

Here are some of necklaces from my collection:

Long chain necklaces i got from Sydney: Tiger with gemstones and Crystal Strawberry with rose and key both of them from Lovisa-Australia.

Pink Head necklace from Tarina Tarrantino♥♥♥ One of my favorites of course!

 Enchanting Princess necklaces: collar and long necklaces from Accessorize ( i got the complete set with matching bracelet...)

Both of these also from Accessorize!

Large cross with gemstones from Mango

Asian heart jungle necklace from Betsey Johnson

These are some of the necklaces which you can find on my online store: Fabulousity by Chiq Santos♥ www.facebook.com/fabulouschiq or at www.fabulouschq.multiply.com 

Thai Elephant Chunky Necklace - my own design & creation♥

Serena blue long necklace - my own design & creation♥

Other items from my store which are also a part of my personal collection.

And in order for you to have an idea of what kind of necklace you're wearing here is the length guide:
(you're also welcome visit my site♥)

So if you feel your outfit is boring... Wear something around your neck! One or more can do!♥   

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