Saturday, August 30, 2014

Hello Kitty: an English girl!♥

So what if Hello Kitty is not a cat? This news has been trending worldwide.  I am a Hello Kitty lover/fan or whatever you may call it (and I am a self-confessed "afraid of real cats").  This does not make me "hate nor less like" her.  Does not even bother or confuse me at all.  Hello Kitty is a fictional cartoon character, Sanrio (creator) have all the right in making her identity.  If they say that she's a girl let's all respect that, like any other cartoon character.

 It's like this: some people believe that Hello Kitty is Japanese because it was created by Sanrio (Japanese company) but Hello Kitty was born in London, England on November 1, 1974, so she's an English girl. Her name is Kitty White: parents George and Mary White and has a twin sister named Mimmy (the one that wears a yellow bow on the left ear).  She has a pet white persian cat named Charmmy kitty.

Grandma Margaret, Mama Mary, Papa George, Grandpa Anthony, Mimmy and Kitty

For me Kitty is a girl.. and whatever she is or she might be, I  will always be a fan!♥

I love HELLO KITTY forever!

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