Friday, November 28, 2014

Colors for Spring/Summer 2015♥

Photo credit: Fashionishing website
Couple of weeks before we say "au revoir" to 2014.  Usually during the last quarter of the year I make it a point to visit sites like Pantone, Fashionishing and other fashion websites to have a sneak peek on the upcoming trends for the coming year.  Well Fashion is really my Passion.  I may be an accountant but arts and fashion is my first love.  

Last year's color of the year from Pantone was Radiant Orchid.  

This year they released color palettes for Spring/Summer 2015: expect cool, subtle, soft and neutral shades.  So expect the color of the year will somewhat be within these colors. 

  • Aquamarine : they named this as the lead color for the women.  "Airy blue with dreamy feel".
  • Scuba blue : Turquoise! very playful color! (one of my favorite shades of blue very fresh and cool)
  • Lucite Green : the simple way to explain what color is this - Mint!
  • Classic blue : Calming, but also considered as a strong and reliable color (so expect denims in the next season)
  • Toasted Almond : Tanned or sun-tanned very neutral. Gives perfect spring and summer feel.
  • Strawberry ice : Sweet, tasty and tasteful... this color is very appealing to me because I love Pink!♥
  • Tangerine : Fun-loving and this shade will always make you smile. Tangy and a happy shade.
  • Custard : Delicious and delightful yellow. Gives sweet, sunny and a very cheerful tone.
  • Marsala : "Red Brown" natural earthiness.
  • Glacier gray : Timeless shade, peaceful and relaxing..
Well my personal take on the color of the year 2015... for me i think it's within the shades of blue. (hope i'll get it again this time)  Because last year and in 2012 my choices were Violet and Green, and the colors were within the shade of what became that year's color (Radiant orchid in 2013 and Emerald green in 2012)

Now if you're going Christmas shopping this will guide you on what colors or shades to get or you may now check your closets and baul (chest) and look for outfits that you can reuse for the coming year!

Credit: Pantone for the color trends for Spring / Summer 2015

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