Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Taste of Christmas♥

It's finally back!  Starbucks holiday drinks... I missed you so much "Peppermint Mocha" frapuccino.  And my journey to their 2015 Planner begins today.  I don't know why I am so drawn on collecting planners. (Not necessarily Starbucks) But I started my Starbucks planner collection back in 2008 now I have 7 Starbucks planners (plus Hello Kitty and others). And I don't actually use or write on them, I just want to see them piled together on my book shelf.

Taste of Christmas: I love peppermint! It's refreshing taste...(mmmm) Remember the white and red (swirl) candies every Christmas?  It's minty and sweet.  Truly something I always look forward to, in my younger days.  Since my parents really don't allow us eating sweets... Christmas is an exception. (*wink!)  

Peppermint mocha: Crushed peppermint candy sprinkled on top of the mocha frapuccino: at P170.00 for a tall size.  Their other holiday drinks are: Toffee nut latte, Christmas cookie latte.

So it's sticker #1 for me for the holiday drinks... and a lot more to go! (Good luck to me!)

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