Monday, November 17, 2014

P&P Holiday 2014 Preview♥

Two reasons why I wanted to go to the Holiday preview of Plains & Prints:
  1. To be the first to have the holiday dress that I am eyeing for; and
  2. Avail their new partnership card. 
I made it yesterday at Shang-rila Mall!  Got the Iman dress, glad they still have my size (I'm a medium).  Traffic was worse: from our place going to Ortigas, but it's worth it! 

More reds, orange, blues on the clothes racks... The dress comes with the usual P&P box, but for this Holiday season it was designed by one the country's well-known designer Rhett Eala which was also a part of their creative team (in line with their 20th anniversary on 2015).  I also got a couple of perks yesterday, aside from the complimentary cupcakes and bottled water for the shoppers: I also received a 2015 Limited edition desk calendar and of course "Partnership card"

P&P Partnership card:

 This replaces their Prestige discount card: on which you get 10% for all cash / 5% for credit card purchases.  They call it as the new "Partnership card": how it work?  It's a points earning card (though for me I wanted the old one since I get the 10% discount right away) like the SM advantage, FSP card of Rustans & etc.  For every purchase: you get 10% of the value of the item you buy - That goes to your e-purse which you can use on your next purchase as a discount or you can accumulate it to buy any of their products.  

Example: If you purchase the Iman dress which costs P1,798.00 you don't get a discount but 10% of the amount i.e., P179.80 goes to your e-purse which you can use on your next purchase.  

How to avail? : It's free during the Preview they will just replace your old discount card (No minimum amount of purchase).  But according to the sales staff after the Preview there will be a minimum purchase required to all Prestige cardholders and non-cardholders.   

P&P 2015 Limited edition packaging, partnership card & 2015 calendar

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