Thursday, March 26, 2015


That's what my Home design personality according to HomeGoods.  I took the style quiz on their site and after choosing 5 images, the result was: YOU ARE SOCIALITE! 

Here's result of the quiz:

Who is Socialite?

"The Socialite knows two things very well: luxury designer deals when she sees them and how to have fun! She likes to see and be seen. She's into high fashion, and yes, she is absolutely in the "in" crowd. She has an energetic fervor to her decorating, and she works hard to fill her home with the very best things."  

How to style Socialite?

First step:
Brilliant textures and layers, pops of rich colors like deep plums and magentas, and high-end, lavish touches at every turn.

Designer trick:
Mix in animal print ottomans for a playful way to store your favorites.

Fresh idea:
Use a paper towel holder to hold—and display!—your favorite bangles.

Actually  I  am really a lover of fashion... and that is really my design style. The quiz results is very me! And the fresh start idea that's stated on the quiz about using the paper towel holder to display my bangles .. I have already done that.  (hehe)... Love my tons of accessories properly organized.. (quite OC on that).  

Want to know your design personality? Take the quiz: HomeGoods Stylescope quiz

And let me know what you got?♥

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