Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Meet Tchi tchi doll♥

source: Tchi Tchi official Instagram account

Have you met these lavish diva like dolls?  They are called Tchi Tchi dolls made by a fashion expert Fadia Dekmak.  Accessorizing bags is a huge hit for the past years, espcially when Fendi came up with the Furry friends like the monsters and Karlito: these dolls with definitely be a new "must have" accessory.  These cutie girl dolls are handmade and can be customized depending on the owner's liking.  Doll's hair is made from real fox fur (available in variety of colors) with Swarovski crystals and pearls to adorn the outfit.  These dolls are available in open or closed eyes with long lashes and ruby red lips. (Each doll can cost up to P30,000.00)

Honestly I came across with this doll through Ms. Heart Evangelista's Instagram and fell in love with it.  I love accessories, accessorizing and of course I love bags! (haha)

These dolls are made to order and not found on boutiques, the designer wants to have a personal touch for each doll .  To view the dolls you can visit her Instagram @tchitchiofficial or visit their website http://tchi-tchi.com/

Every fabulous woman not only knows how to accessorize herself, but also how to make her bag stand out! (Remember that your bag or purse completes your whole look)  Your bag need not be a designer brand as long as you adorn it with a perfect accessory. (*wink!)


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