Saturday, May 28, 2016

Fendi Strap you♥

source: Google

After their over the top: furry monster and Karlito bag charms, Fendi launched last November 2015 their handbag straps.  The Strap you Collection is a variety of bag straps that you can attach to your bag - giving your bag a new look each time you use a different strap: making it more fun and exciting to carry.

The bag straps come in bright colors:  two-tone reversible, others are adorned by colorful studs and flowers. 

Interchangeable strap with Flowerland flowers (source: Google)

Interchangeable strap with rainbow plexiglass studs (source: Google)

Interchangeable strap with Karlito (Limited edition) (source: Google)

Of course we know that Fendi is known for having over-priced accessories, each bag strap costs $500.00 Plain/reversible, $800.00 Python skin/reversible, $900.00 Laced-up,  $1,000.00 Strap with rainbow plexiglass studs, $1,100.00 Strap with flowers, $1,050.00 Karlito - Limited edition.

Would you spend this much for a bag strap? (*wink)


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