Tuesday, May 24, 2016

You will be missed Ninang Cora♥

I know it's been a while... My blogging needs to take a back seat for a while, a loved one (my mom's sister) passed away.  After 10 months of fighting and struggling with CA, she is now in peace in heaven.  It's not an easy journey for her, but in spite of the pain, whenever I visit and ask her how she's doing : she gives me a nice smile and goes - "I'm okay now."  I will miss her sweet smile, her cooking (she cooks the best Kare kare and Goto), her beautiful voice (especially when she sings the Salve Regina after we pray the rosary)  but I know she is in a better place now without pain.  

Ma. Corazon Reyes-Pascual
August 29, 1941 -  May 18, 2016

A little trivia about my Ninang Cora: (She is everybody's Ninang though she's not really their god mother, like me she is the god mother of my sister but I call her Ninang also.)  She's a grade school teacher (teaches music and science) and assistant principal at Santolan Elementary school.  After her retirement she became the president of the Catholic Women's League and Senior Citizen's Association in our baranggay.  She was a born leader and gives her all in the performance of her duties, that is why she was well-loved not only by her students, colleagues but also those whose lives she touched.

I was deeply moved during her burial mass.  The church was jam-packed, some of them we didn't even know.  

On behalf of our family (Pascual, Reyes and Dumandan)  I would like to thank everybody who showed their love, offered prayers to my Ninang... 

God bless you all.♥ 

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