Friday, May 27, 2016

My take on Kylie Lip kit♥

After months of waiting I finally got my hands on you!

I am not really into lippies because there are brands that dries (especially the matte finish lipsticks)  my lips and the ending - chapped lips.  But my IG friend was going ga-ga about this and persuaded me to try it.  After several tries (always sold out), I was able to get one.  

Here's my take on the most coveted lippy at the moment.  

Color : Candy K it's the most salable (my top pick).  It's soft and warm nude color - i like it, but I was wanting - something with orange undertone.  So I might try the Exposed shade next time.  

Lip liner : Love the lip liner!♥ The liner is soft and glides easily.  It's pigmented and long lasting.  It can be sharpened even if you feel that it's made of plastic.  I hope they'll sell separate liners soon.

Lipstick : The lipstick is a bit sticky at first but dries quickly.  Tip: Before applying a thin layer of the lipstick it's best to put on a lip balm so as not make your lips too dry.  Though it was not "very dry" than the other matte lipsticks that I have tried, I am really used in applying lip balm first before the lipstick for added moisture.  One thing that I don't like about it - it's heavily "vanilla scented."

Still love my Clinique long lasting lipstick in creamy nude but Kylie lip kit can be a good substitute for it. :)


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