Monday, June 06, 2016

Summer 2016 at the Cove♥

Hello everyone!  I am not really a beach person: my cousins and friends are completely aware of that.  I remember when I first went to Bora in 2004: it was more of my cousin's idea.  She told me that everyone is going ga-ga especially the foreigners in going to Boracay.  I'm from the Philippines and I haven't been there.  Okay, I'm not really into "waters"... I'm afraid of riding a "bangka" or boat.  Swimming pool is fine... beach water is actually a no-no: had skin allergies after Boracay and I told myself that will be the last.  I feel that the salt water is eating up my skin.  Anyway... 

Last weekend our department opted to have our Annual team building/2nd quarterly meeting at Canyon Cove Hotel and Spa at Nasugbu Batangas.  It was a three and a half hours drive from Manila. 

We started our day with fun games at the beach front.  14 in the department we are divided into two groups: I was the leader for Team 2.  Unfortunately we fell short - behind 6 points from Team 1. 

After the games took a plunge on the lagoon-style swimming pool.  

Lunch at Island Cafe which was catered by Max's restaurant.  After our hefty lunch we had our meeting at Canyon Cove's Blu Bar.

It was a great experience... the only thing I don't like is their shower area on the pool side.  Aside from that everything is fine.


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