Wednesday, June 29, 2016

CPK is always a good idea♥

It's almost the end of June... how time flies. Six months down for 2016.  Before this month says "Au Revoir" I want to share last weekend's meet up with my 2nd year high school BFFs.  We are actually 7 in the group but 2 are already based abroad and we have lost touched with 1.  Hopefully soon we will be complete.  It's really a wonderful feeling to be with friends you grew up with.  "Feeling you at heart" (hahaha)...   It's kinda hard to make our schedules meet that is why it took us 5 months since our last get together.  I realized that it's easier to plan and set a get together when we're younger but when when you're at the prime of your life there are a lot of things to consider.   But then, every meet up is as good as the last well sometimes even better... :)

We all have this pizza and pasta cravings that day... The cozy and homey ambiance of California Pizza Kitchen at Edsa Shangrila Mall was our top choice. (It's actually our fave - *wink!)

Our late lunch consisted of Spinach artichoke dip, Garlic Cream Fettuccine with Chicken and The Works pizza.  Dining experience is as good as the last time... at CPK Eastwood city (which was closed already).  

CPK is always a favorite even my nephews and nieces loved it!  Aside from good food, the staff was really very nice.  Service is superb!

Enjoyed every minute of it my BFFs... (espcially when we tried taking groupies in the restroom's mirror - hahaha)  Til our next meet up!♥

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