Tuesday, December 18, 2012

SQuare RooT Gang♥

High school life, on my high school like... every memory kay ganda... 

Retro photo taken in my room a year after we graduated from high school
2010 meet up with Rowie, Marife and Lanie

Birthday lunch with Tweet & Ruthie - January 2012
June 2012 meet up: Ruthie, Tweet, Rowie, Marife and Silvia
December 2012 meet up with Marife, Lanie & Ruthie

One of the happiest and most memorable experience I had and I bet every person in this world also have his or her own share of a wonderful high school memory... all the craziness, laughter and tears...

Our high school friends are like sisters or brothers to us... since we grew up together...  

Thanks to Facebook, those we haven't gotten in touch with for a long time ... were finally found... (1 na lang).

We do have meet ups... but we're not complete... we've always longed for it, but i know soon we'll all be together - our barkada: The Square Root Gang! Tweet, Lanie, Rowie, Ruthie, Marife, Silvia, Elvira and Chiqui ♥

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