Saturday, September 07, 2013

Happy Grandparents Day!♥: with LOVE & GRATITUDE

Santos-Esguerra 60th Diamond Wedding Anniversary 2004
Today I honor you Lolo Guling and Lola Luming!  I grew up with them... as I recall my dad's siblings would usually tease me as that I was the "bunso" of my Lolo and Lola.

I really look up to them, they have been my inspiration and role model... My Lolo and Lola were able to send all their children (all 8 of them: all degree holders) to school even though they did not really finish college.  Lolo Guiling was able to reach 1st year college took up Accounting but had to stop because of the war and my Lola Luming was up to Grade 4 only.  But that never stopped them from achieving their goals: for their 8 children to have a college degree and to have their own house. They have a store in the "palengke" selling notions, school supplies, dressmaking materials and etc...where they get their day to day income..and this is where I first had my experience in selling or trading. I was my Lolo's stockclerk... maybe that is why I ended taking up Accounting in college.  

I was 12 when they celebrated their 50th  Golden Wedding anniversary in June 1984 and 22 on their 60th Diamond Wedding Anniversary (June 1994).  Two milestones for them, right!  

Both were given awards: Lolo Guiling was awarded an "Ulirang Ama award in 1994 of Barangay San Jose" and Lola Luming as the "Oldest Senior Citizen of Barangay San Jose for 2 consecutive years 2011 and 2012"

There are times I still miss them... but I know they are watching over us! (especially me...)  They are together now... in heaven.  Lolo joined the Lord in 1996 and Lola in 2012... As they say... "parang kulang pa din.." it's never enough... But I know they have fulfilled their every wish... for their children and grandchildren... 

Better to spend quality time with your grandparents... because you will never know... For me even if I have spent a lot of time with them... its still painful when they left...(still miss going to the market and cooking with my Lola... and midnight snack with Lolo while watching wrestling)...but at least I have a lot of memories to reminisce every time I miss them...

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