Thursday, September 26, 2013

Site visit at Beverly Place Pampanga♥

One rainy Wednesday, when I together with our controller, my boss and an audit staff were given a special assignment by our EVP to visit our SLRDI's Beverly Place Golf Clubhouse.  It's been a while since I visited any of the projects of company.  When I first started handling the cost accounting section of SLRDI: twice or thrice a month I go on site inspection or visit.  

Two and a half hours drive from Metro Manila, left at about 9:30 in the morning and was at Beverly place around 11:45am.

When I went down the van: It was really a breathe of fresh air: (outside the hustle and bustle of Metro Manila).  As i entered the clubhouse's lobby, seeing the view of the 9-hole golf course is really very serene. 

Beverly Place 9-hole golf course

Lanai of the main hall

Was not able to tour the whole golf clubhouse since our main agenda is to meet with the Club's General Manager and it's drizzling outside... but after seeing the outcome of the project: which I was the one who accumulate the development cost for it (both the golf course golf clubhouse and actually the whole project)... was really satisfied with the look and ambiance of the club.

Beverly Place Golf Clubhouse Main Hall

To all golf enthusiasts visit our Beverly Place golf course it's a 9-hole golf course at the moment but 10 to 18 hole are now under construction.  You may also want to dine at our Swing and Dine Restaurant at the Golf club: their Garlic chicken is really a must try!

On our way home we passed by Susie's Cuisine to buy pasalubong... I really loved their kutsinta and old-fashion sapin-sapin.

and this is all that's left :)

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