Thursday, September 12, 2013

Is it still safe in the Philippines?

The case of Kae Davantes caught my attention.  I was really devastated reading her story and how she was killed.  When I first learned about it... I froze and it's like my world stopped for a few seconds.  I also drive and there are times that I go out with my friends.  This question popped into my mind. So how safe it is to drive in the Metro?

Few months ago, my niece was robbed inside a jeepney when she was on the way home from school, and it's daylight!  I remember when she called me and she was crying: "Ninang, na hold up po ako!  Hindi ko po matawagan si mommy sa landline kaya kayo po tinawagan ko." I was totally shocked and asked her if she's alright and where is she.  She told me: "Nasa police station po ako." told her i will call her mom and will tell her to fetch you there.  Luckily she was not hurt. She was in trauma for a couple of weeks, afraid of going to school by herself.  Now the case of Kae... having her own car, not commuting then this happened to her.  And there is no lead to her case...  

Hopefully instead of sensationalizing the pork barrel issue (file a case to Napoles and the lawmakers that they find guilty and leave the case to the DOJ), why don't the government: prioritize the safety of the citizens (we are taxpayers also: we need more police visibility). "Nakakauyam na yung issue ng pork barrel sa news!"  

So how safe is safe?  

They say "it's more FUN in the Philippines!" so how can we attract tourists? if we are not let's ask ourselves... and the government... "Is it still safe here in the Philippines?"  (killing of Kae, stand-off in Zamboanga, day to day crimes: hold up, snatching).  

Hope the government will do something about this... Remember "Kami ang BOSS nyo!"

Justice for you KAE! and to all the victims of INJUSTICE and CRIME!

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