Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Addiction to acrylic organizers♥

Tons and tons of accessories! From necklaces, bracelets, rings and etc. I really have lots of "abubot"... I love cute and unique things... 

Searched for an organizer that would really suit my taste.  There are different kinds made of wood, leather, carton boxes and acrylic.  And the winner is acrylic!  Why? It's neat looking... its shines when the light on my dresser touches it... my first was a lipstick organizer I bought in Sydney 2004 it still looks new.. just wash it with soap and water than wipe it with a cotton cloth... 

Yes, its pricey!  Every time I go malling, I always visit Make room, Howards, True Value, Dimensione.  Just to see all their acrylic organizers on display.  Hay.. it really costs a fortune if you get all of them.

As I went on acrylic organizers hunting: Found these acrylic containers from Daiso / Japan Home it costs P66.00 for 2 stackable round containers these are actually the first batch of the acrylic holders: I have 20 pairs of these. 

Then I found a supplier since I am on online selling: I have this Acrylic organizer which you can also use for your cosmetics.  I have a couple in my collection.  You can also get it from my store: Fabulousity by Chiq♥

My newest baby: was the 4 layer bracelet organizer I bought from Miss Bella Ph.  I love it so-so much!  Got it at P580.00, also available on 3 layer.  She also has more acrylic organizers... And I am planning to get more to house all my accessories!

This how my dresser looks at the moment: 

Love seeing my collection properly and neatly organized!

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