Friday, February 20, 2015

Dong Juan in Quezon City♥

I am not really a foodie... I don't go out very often but I enjoy dining out once in a while.  I love to cook, honestly I am quite hard to please when it comes to food.  When I say something is totally "delish" (delicious): Promise it is really something that you must try! Actually I learned about this resto by watching "DZMM Teleradyo" and by following the likes of Martin Nievera and Sam Milby on Instagram.  Dong Juan Restaurant, was originally from Cebu city.  Well it's been years since I have been to Cebu, but I have not tried this yet.  Anyway, Mr. Ahwel Paz one of the hosts of "Mismo" on DZMM was one of the owners of the resto (they mentioned this on one of their segments in Mismo show).  That made me curious to try this one out.  Yesterday, was my sister in law's birthday treat and when she asked me for a suggestion, I told her about this resto located in Mother Ignacia near St. Mary's Academy. It was an old ancestral home converted into a restaurant.  It's two-storey: very homey... I love the ambiance, not to formal... but i find it very comfy : especially for a group with kids.  Having two (kulit) boys with us, luckily we were able to find a spot that is very suitable for those who have kids, one of the separate rooms on the second floor have couches and small stools. Perfect for us!

We ordered the "must try" Dong Juan Babyback ribs: well my verdict: It's super yummy! Tender and very tangy! (the BEST!)  No wonder most of the artists/personalities have good things to say about the famous ribs of Dong Juan.
Dong Juan's Babyback ribs - Must try!

Our other orders were: Calamari, Broccoli with oyster sauce, Chicken drumsticks, Dong Juan fried rice, Carbonara and Cheese pizza... lastly for dessert we had Warm brownie melt.  

Verdict: (1 to 5 stars: where 5 is the highest)
  • Ambiance - 5 stars
  • Food
    •  Babyback ribs - 5 stars
    • Calamari - 4 stars
    • Broccoli with Oyster sauce - 4 stars
    • Chicken drumsticks -  3.5 stars
    • Carbonara - 3 stars
    • Cheese Pizza (though the boys loved it) - only 2.5 stars for me i did not like the pizza crust
    • Warm brownie melt - 4 stars
  • Staff - 5 stars (very friendly and accommodating)
  • Overall experience - 4.5 stars
Yes, I plan to come back to try the other dishes they offer.  And maybe next time I will bring my BFFs with me.

Have you tried Dong Juan restaurant already? Share with me your dining experience... and give me suggestions on what food to try.

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