Monday, February 23, 2015

Fabchq: Acrylic Ring organizer♥

Like on my previous post, I shared my Addiction to acrylic organizers.  Well, I love seeing my stuff properly organized (it's easier to locate them): I am little O.C. I guess.  Having lots of "abubot" (knick-knacks) especially rings, I want to see them nicely placed on a ring holder or organizer. 

Before i used to have a leather ring organizer (that houses my ring collection), I still have it but since I love those that are made of acrylic and it will match my acrylic drawers on my dresser. I fell in love with this stackable acrylic ring organizer.  Actually you can also put small pieces of jewelry here like earrings, bracelets and etc.  

This was my old ring organizer.

This is the new one made of high quality acrylic with 16 slots and as I have said it's stackable. (Very space saving.)

It's totally perfect for my dresser! Matches my acrylic drawers!♥  And it will also be perfect for your dresser as well!

Get this Stackable acrylic ring organizer here: Fabulousity by Chiq♥


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