Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Mango kicks♥

Can't remember the last time I wore rubber shoes. Hmmm... I am not a sneakers/rubber shoes kinda girl.  I'm not a shoeaholic!  Having a pair of pumps for work, stilettos for night outs or formal occasion, ballet flats is enough for me.  Honestly, a lot of shifts and changes started last year when I started wearing flats instead of sky high heels. Ditching my 5 inches work pumps for a 3 inches... wearing my fitflops rather than wedge sandals when I go malling.  Geez... SOA! (Sign of Old Age) *wink!

Just last week, I got myself these Mango kicks!  I really wanted to buy one since last year but every time I go looking for one I end up not buying, since it's very expensive: Nike ranges from P4,500.00 to P6,000.00 well that's too much for a pair of shoes... (getting a little "Kuripot" (stingy) here...)  When I went to Mango boutique in Edsa Shangrila to check out their new collection - found these!

Good thing they still have my size: 38.  It's very comfy, lightweight and most importantly the price within my budget at P2,450.00.  I opted for this instead of shelling out 6K, (we need to be a little practical sometimes çoz I'm not going to wear this everyday).

I'm totally "happy" with my purchase!  Now I am ready to stay fit and fab this year!♥

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