Thursday, September 24, 2015

Clinique superbalanced double face powder♥

Thanks to my BFF for this pasalubong! Yes, even though there are Clinique products available here in Manila: the shade that I am using is no longer available here.  After visiting Rustans department store and a couple of stand alone Clinique stores - "no success" in finding Matte Honey.  The sales associate told me that it was phased out already.  When I checked out the Clinique website : it is still available in the USA. 

And of course, my BFF to the rescue!  She got it from Macy's at $24.00 ($24.00 x P47.50), here double face powder is sold at P1,750.00.  (It's P610.00 cheaper when you buy it there.)  

Compact is still in iconic Clinique green and comes with a washable sponge.  

What I love about Clinique's superbalanced double face powder, aside from being hypoallergenic and really "hiyang" (suited) to my skin. It is a powder and foundation in one, full-(matte) coverage and it's long-lasting:  No touch ups needed.  You can use it as is or over-foundation finisher.  Me, I just use it after applying my moisturizer.  

I have been a Clinique user for years and I really love the product.  - Clinique, my favorite make up!♥

How about you? What's your favorite make up?


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