Thursday, September 03, 2015

Love your body and save♥

Learnings last week: Many may have enjoyed their long weekend - Monday, August 31st was a holiday or maybe others just stayed home because of the heavy traffic caused by INC rally.  Me, I spend my week at the hospital: No, I am not the one hospitalized but my Tita. It's an eye opener for me and I should start now than be sorry in the future.


Lesson #1: Health is Wealth - Sometimes we neglect taking care of ourselves: I'm guilty! I love pushing myself to the limit, but when I reached the 40's mark: I tried to slow down a bit.  I am not really into going to the doctor (unless its an emergency case) and yes, I do self medicate.  I don't want to take Vitamins.  I realized after I had Vertigo a few years ago and last week again - It's a reminder that I should not take things for granted especially my health most importantly.

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Lesson #2:  Frugality - We must always save for the rainy days.  Yes, there are times we want to buy things that are not so important.  I have been on that situation: I splurge on things like gadgets, clothes, bags and etc. (when I started working).  But when I bought my car and I need to pay my monthly amortization that made me realize that I should learn to prioritize my expenses and be wise in spending.  When I finished paying-off my car loan, I started saving for my future because I know I am not getting any younger.  When I got hold of the hospital bill of my Tita and saw her Philhealth claim amounting to only P7,100.00 I was shocked (not enough to cover the 2D echo which costs P7,295.00), good thing that she has a senior citizen discount which amounted to P22,000.00+.  After serving the government for 35 years, and being a lifetime member of Philhealth, I cannot believe that she can only get that amount.  That made me think about the other senior citizens who are no longer earning and are lifetime members of Philhealth without enough savings to cover their hospital expenses.  I think the government should look into this, these people (senior citizens) need more medical assistance from them, Phil health being our national health insurance should provide benefits that would cover at least half of the total hospital expenses of the member and their beneficiaries.  I  don't mind paying additional premium as long as I get outstanding service and benefits.

I hope you've also learned something from this.  Let's start loving our bodies and saving for our future.♥  

PS: Now I am thinking of opening a separate bank account for my emergency savings.


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