Friday, January 27, 2017

Boar 2017 in Rooster's Year♥

Hello everyone!  It's almost Chinese new year, so let me be the first one to greet you and my Chinese friends - "Gong Xi Fa Cai" (Mandarin) or "Gong Hey Fat Choy" (Cantonese).  No, I am not Chinese, I'm 100% Pinay (though I am often mistaken as one), but through the influence of my Chinese friends I became so drawn with their traditions every New year,  I am also into : reading Chinese astrology and things about feng shui : "wala naman mawawala (nothing to lose) if you follow them..."

I am a Metal Boar!  Even though I was born in 1972, Chinese new year during that year was on February 15: so my animal sign is  Boar instead of Rat. 

2017 is the year of the Fire Rooster : of course I have already researched what are the things I need to look forward to for my animal sign.  For the past years, I have followed some of the cures, remedies and enhancers but of course the most important of all is that I pray for a prosperous,  fruitful and healthy year. 

What's in store for my year this 2017?  
  • Secret friend - Tiger
  • Allies - Rabbit and Sheep
  • Outlook - GOOD YEAR
    • Good progress in career - small victories
    • Be brave in initiating expansion plans
    • Success luck is not strong. Don't take high risk
    • Life force and spirit essence is very strong
  • Relationship luck - Wonderful prospects for love
  • Wealth luck - Good
  • Health luck - Getting better
  • Garuda Wu lou keychain
  • Arensui Wu lou
  • Medicine Buddha Stupa 
  • 10 Hums shield keychain
  • Space clearing ritual with Incense
  • Crimson Phoenix
  • Bejewelled Guru Rinpoche
This year I armed myself with following the cures and enhancers.  I don't really buy all of them, I only choose those that are important for me and my well-being. My top priority is my health, so since Boars - faces health issues this year I bought health feng shui charms.

Garuda Wu lou amulet key chain : The Garuda bird suppresses illness energies and general wellness.  The powerful magical Dakini amulet symbol repels epidemics and diseases.  This year 2017, illness star #2 flies in the Northwest, affecting patriarchs and those born in the year of the boar and dog.

Ten Hums brooch key chain : This powerful ten-spoked wheel with ten hum syllables protects against malevolent afflictions from the eight compass directions and top/bottom directions. It dispels harm from black magic, office politics and court cases.

Wealth & Success Amulet key chain : Features victory banner and success syllable together with a Chi Lin carrying lots of golden ingots bringing you prosperity and good luck.

 I know these things are just guides and we ourselves are the ones who make our destiny.



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