Friday, January 11, 2013


Twenty, Bente, Dalawampu... whatever we call it: it's 20!

Today, January 11, 2013 is my 20th year of working.  I was 21 when i entered the company in 1993, and was given a task to handle the cost accounting section.  Accounting work is very tedious... you really need a lot of patience in doing it.    For my first few weeks of working I remember, I wanted to give up already.  But my Ate told me that I have to be strong and prove to them that I can do it!  And that really helped me do my best and work hard to prove to them that I am an asset of the company.  At the moment I am handling to sections: Cost Accounting and Client's Inquiry
Come December 2013 on our annual Christmas party... an additional Plaque for my 20 years of service to the company will be added to my collection. ;)


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