Thursday, January 03, 2013

K-POP Fever!

Gangnam style dance and Korean pop stars were really one of the biggest hits this 2012.  (I thought Korean fever are just for Korean novela which i admit - I'm a big fan!)  Aside from learning about Gangnam online, I am quite familiar of this K-pop fever through my niece.  She's totally addicted to it.  Not only the music but also K-pop fashion.  

That is why when our company chose K-pop theme for our annual christmas party... I am totally ready for it! Of course I did my research for Korean styling and make up, I also consulted my niece.

Korean fashion: On the extreme! Extremely colorful or all-black, punk, and edgy-look. Pile on accessories, and add anything metallic like a jacket!

For make up: No blush, no bronzer... BB cream is the secret (for K Pop stars: flawless skin is very important since they prefer perfect looking skin), no colorful eyeshadow - most important is a well defined eye: extremely black cat-eye liner and for a more glamorous look add glitter.

I thought my K-Pop adventure ends there... but last December 29, 2012: I went to the K-Pop convention held at PICC forum to accompany my niece. 

I never really expected that there will be a lot of teens so addicted to K-Pop! We arrived at PICC at about 9:30am and I saw this ocean of teens all lined up at the venue.  We were able to get inside the hall at 11:00am.

All lined-up to get inside PICC Forum 1 to 4
Here's what you see inside...

Ysh, my niece just bought a couple of posters and a Chikara beanie/hat and at about 12 noon we were done!

I told her that during my teen days... I never really experienced doing this... I too was so addicted to Menudo that time, but none of my titas did this to me!  I told her she's really lucky that I am her Tita/Ninang! ;)

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