Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Hello Kitty Themed Christmas presents♥

I wanted my gifts to be unique and cute...

And since I adore Hello Kitty I decided to Kittify my gifts for Christmas 2012!

My Hello Kitty themed Christmas gifts / giveaways♥   Honestly I enjoyed doing this... and those who received them loved it!♥

I wanted pastel and neon colors combined so i chose this colors pink and green... Gift wrapper-Hallmark (pink and green with white damask print ) from National bookstore. Ribbons i used organza (it's easier to tie and cheaper than satin ribbon): pink, green and white.  For the card i wanted it to be personalized, i found this cute Hello Kitty online and downloaded it! With captions: "Fabulous Christmas and a Happy New Year!"

Green version♥

Pink version♥

Aside from that I also have these biscuit giveaways!  And its really sooo cute!  These biscuits are strawberry filled with Hello Kitty prints on the biscuit itself (got it from SM supermarket)!♥  Put them inside an air tight container I got from Robinsons Metro East department store.

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