Friday, January 03, 2014

Favorite moments 2013♥

Happy New Year! Welcome 2014!!! I am really hoping that this will be a good year for me and my family as well...  A lot of things happened last year... good and not-so-good... but I am still thankful!  

I just want to share some of my happy moments in 2013!  In random order: actually I can't really decide what to put first...

  • Cousins finally met! Hans and Tessa: our curly babies... they are both 1 year old... Hans was 3 months older than Tessa...but they actually look like twins... It was Tessa's first visit to the Philippines she's the daughter of my cousin Ann who is based in Sydney.  Tessa loves embracing Hans... according to her dad she loves seeing kids her size... The same as Hans, he loves playing with kids his size!

  • Surprise! Surprise! During our Tita Linda's birthday... my cousins and Tita from Sydney arrived at the resto where we were having lunch... Honestly I was surprised too!  I really don't have any idea that they are coming to Manila... (I really miss my cousins there...when we were kids we spent weekends and vacations together before they migrated to Australia... and we never lost touch with each other... distance was never a hindrance for us!  We often keep in touch through letters before... now we do Facetime!)  :)

  • My online shop turned 2 last August 2013!  Turning my passion to fashion styling and accessories to something more productive. "We should love what we're doing!" Aside from jewelry accessories, other items were added to my products: Authentic signature bags, brands like Furla, Prada and items from Milan, Italy.

  • 20th year in Sta.Lucia Realty & Dev., Inc.: two decades of working in one of the well-known real estate company in the Philippines...I want to thank our President and CEO Mr. Exequiel Robles for believing in me and giving me an opportunity to work in their company!  :)

  • Lance's casting call for Gingersnaps Philippines: Super happy for this... because out of 4,000+ kids who join he was one of the 50 chosen and hopefully after the go-see on the 11th he'll be one of the 25 or one of the 6 grand prize winner!  

Now I am looking forward to new happenings and making unforgettable moments in 2014! The year of the Wooden Horse!

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