Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Sync time to: Dropbox♥

When I checked my Facebook this afternoon, I saw a link shared by one of my friends regarding a girl who lost her bag including her phone in Makati and the following day: the alleged thief took selfies on her phone which is automatically linked to her dropbox account.  Same scenario with the volunteer at Vilamor airbase who lost her phone and the taker took selfies of himself.  Well I guess I should download this application to my Iphone and Ipad: "wala naman mawawala"... 

So what is a  DROPBOX?  Dropbox is a free online storage for photos, documents and videos... you easily share them also using the same application.

If you already have a Dropbox account you need not sign up for another.  All you have to do is to download the apps on the Itunes apps store and sign in.  Your photos will automatically uploaded to your Dropbox once you have an internet connection.  At the same time you can also access your Dropbox on your desktop.  Now I can delete the photos on my Iphone and Ipad that were already uploaded on my Dropbox.. now more space for new photos so it's time to take more pics!

New year... New learning!

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