Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Lea shares her: Playlist♥

Really meaning to watch this concert... but my December was a super toxic month...  Wasn't able to squeeze the concert of Ms. Lea Salonga which was held last Dec. 6 and 7 on my schedule.  Good thing that they did a repeat!  

I also have a playlist of all Lea Salonga's songs... we're on the same generation: both 70's babies...   I remember watching her and Gerard during I Love Lea show... I even sang her song "I am but a small voice" in my school's singing contest when I was in grade 3.  Back then... i think most of the girls my age really look up to her and dreams having the same voice as hers... Come me in!  

When she was cast in Miss Saigon... I bought the CD of the play.. and was lucky enough to watch her perform Kim when they brought the play here in Manila.

Aside from that I love her songs: Bakit labis kitang mahal, Reflection, Journey and others... 

The Playlist concert was a blast!  I really enjoyed it!  Her opening song: "Do you know where you're going to" and clips of her journey as an artist was shown on the stage... then she did Girl on Fire by Alicia Keys, she was really a girl on fire!

Old, classic, new songs on her repertoire: I love it! Especially when she sang "Sana maulit muli" (theme song of her movie with Aga Muhlach) ... have a soft spot to that movie! One of my fave movie of all time.  Love watching it's reruns... 

Her daughter Nicole Chien also sang ... next generation Lea!  She's good!  

Rachel Ann Go: surprised me!  She has improved! Her voice was so powerful!  I can say she's really ready for Miss Saigon.

Martin Nievera: Lea's special guest last night! They sang After All.

To sum it up! It was a great concert! Lea's voice still the change... crystal clear! goosebumps all over...(Still wishing to have voice like hers...)  

Two thumbs up for Lea! 

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