Thursday, January 30, 2014

Happy Chinese New Year!♥

Let me be the first to greet you: "Kung Hei Fat Choi or Kio Hee Huat Tsi!"  I grew up having tikoy every  Chinese new year... especially my Lolo has Chinese friends in Divisoria where he used to buy stuffs for his store back then.  I remember that before the Chinese New year he would go to Tabora in Divisoria and when he gets home he has tikoy, hopia and peking duck pasalubong for me... It has been a tradition that we eat tikoy and pancit together to celebrate the Chinese New Year.  We don't have Chinese blood... but being a chinita like my grandparents i was often mistaken as a Chinese especially in my college days... I have more Chinese friends than pinoy friends in College... and they taught me a couple of Chinese words... I can count from 1 to 10... Tosha is thank you... Ni hao ma is hello... Sui - Beautiful, Pai kwa - Pangit...Aya for Kuya, Achie for ate, Shobe and Shoti for younger sister and brother.  

Every one of us embraced some of the Chinese traditions... I do also!  I read about feng shui and follow some of it... I know they are just guides and we still have to work hard to achieve our goals and be successful... "Wala naman mawawala" if i practice it... And it works for me and my family as well..

I was born January 1972 at first I thought I was year of the Rat, but my college friend told me that I am under the Year the Pig or Boar. 

First week of 2014, i started researching on the enhancers I need for the year of the Horse...(I hope this will  a lucky year for me and my family as well)  Flying stars... sectors of the house... 

Here are some of the enhancers I have for this year: Me being born under the year of the Pig.. (some of them are bought last year and was just energized for this year...)

Kalachakra: For Protection

Medicine Buddha: For health

5 Element Pagoda, Mystic know, Blue Elephant and Rhino

Auspicious mirrors: For Auspicious Luck
I also have wind horse with gem on my worktable and a brass Wu Lou that i placed on the North west sector of my bedroom.

Hope this Year of the Wooden Horse will all give us abundance!  

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