Thursday, October 22, 2015

Chanel Costume Jewelry Fall/Winter 2015-2016♥

Let's feast our eyes: including me of course (hihi) these pieces, as well as the previous Chanel collections always make me "kilig" (giddy).  Chanel is known for pearls... if I say pearls...I mean, lots and lots of pearls.  Can you remember when they introduced the giant pearl chokers in Spring/Summer 2014?  Now Chanel came up with something ostentatious - the body-pearl necklaces, their answer to body chains in an elegant and luxurious way. 

The pearl cuff bracelet is ♥, another classic piece from Chanel.  The doily or lace adorned pearl brooch and earrings are so dainty.  

The strass metal tie necklace and brooch are amazing!  

This set is really very Chanel.  I call this their signature set : resin cuff, multi strand necklace and choker embellished with iconic cc logo, metal and pearl elements. (We often find them on every season's collection)

The other pieces on their Fall/Winter 2015-16.  To view the rest of the collection visit their site:

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