Saturday, October 24, 2015

New rules set by LTO on Driver's license issuance♥


Every morning I make it a point to check on the news online, so I know what's happening.  I realized when you are getting older you will be interested in reading or watching news to get updated on current issues and events. I am not that eager when I was younger.  And I bumped into this.  New reforms on the issuance of Driver's license, sounds interesting right?  As a Non Professional Driver's license holder since 1994, I guess it's about time that they revise the existing rules.  Better late than never.

Yesterday Land Transportation Office has revised the rules and guidelines on the issuance of driver's license, according to Department of Transportation and Communications it will take effect next month.  Five administrative orders will be released next week.  As per DOTC secretary Jun Abaya: "The revised rules will serve two purposes: first, they will better ensure the fitness and capability of the licensed card holders to drive on our streets; and second,  they will streamline the application process and make it more convenient to the public."

The Administrative Orders will cover all types of the license issued by LTO: 
  1. Professional Driver's License (PDL)
  2. Non-Professional Driver's License (NPDL)
  3. Student's permit; and (SP)
  4. Conductor's License (CL)
Higher standards and stricter rules will be imposed on the application for PDL.  If the applicant incurred at two reckless driving citation, he will be disqualified in getting a PDL.  The restriction is applicable to driver's of tricycle, light and heavy vehicles and conductors.  I just hope that "palakasan system" will not hamper the implementation of this new set of rules.

With regards to the Medical Certificate; LTO will now allow applicants to provide medical certificate issued by any licensed and practicing physician of his choice.  Meaning it will no longer be restricted to their accredited doctors.  I totally agree with this, it's useless being checked by their accredited physician: every applicant is not thoroughly examined.  It will only take you less than 2 minutes, but due to the long lines it will take you forever.. hihi  Official Medical certificate forms will be available for download at LTO and DOTC websites free of charge.  

LTO also raised by one year the minimum age requirement for student and non-professional license applicants: 17 years old for student (previously 16) and 18 years old for non-professional (previously 17).

This is what I like best, incentives for good behavior and disciplined driving : additional 2 years validity for their next license renewal; currently licenses has 3-year validity on this new system it will be increased to 5 years if you have not committed any violation whatsoever.

To read the article click here.

And hopefully, they will get a new license card supplier that is capable of providing good quality cards.  Not like the ones they issued this year when I renewed my license.  


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