Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Hello Kitty back at McDonald's PH♥

source: McDonald's Philippines

Yey!  I admit, I am one of the Hello Kitty collectors who is excited about this.  Now Hello Kitty is back at McDonald's Philippines.  Last week Hello Kitty Birthday toys are available for every purchase of Happy Meal.  The Hello Kitty toys consists of 4 adorable designs (for the boys they offer - Thomas the train).  These toys are actually released last year (2014) in the US for the 40th anniversary/birthday of Hello Kitty that has 8 designs.  I am wanting the one where she wears a tiara, oh well it's okay.  At least Hello Kitty is now back at Mcdonald's.  


The Philippines release includes: Hello Kitty birthday party fun comes with a HK barrette; Hello Kitty birthday balloon that has a small comb; Hello Kitty birthday cupcake that comes with a HK ring and Hello Kitty birthday surprise that comes with a key ring.

You can also hang the Hello Kitty toy because it has a small loop string that is attached on her head. Purrfect for my Christmas tree.♥

So start collecting!♥♥♥


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