Saturday, October 17, 2015

Louboutin for LIPS♥


What will first come into your mind when you hear "Louboutin"?  Shoes! (of course) Last year CL launched their nail polish line: so I am not really surprised when they came out with their lipstick collection.  Yes, I am not a make up or lipstick fan: why I am blogging about this?  I love accessorizing! The lipstick cap has a ring and it also includes a ribbon so you can turn it into a necklace.  Love the concept!  So each time you want to re-touch your lippy, no need to reach on to your purse or make up kit. 

The lipstick is inspired by Art deco, Babylon architecture and Middle eastern period.  They look like spear heads or mermaid tails dipped in metal and the cap is like a crown.  

The line has 36 shades and comes in three textures: Velvet Matte which has nine colors, Sheer Voile also features nine shades and twenty shades of Silky Satin.  Each lippy costs $90.00 so that's approximately Php4,230.00.  Lippy for 4K, WOW! hahaha...  But it was a really cool idea: Lippy and necklace in one. Good thing I am not a make up addict! (*wink)

Let me end this with a quote from Christian Louboutin: "Lipstick is a woman's magic wand."  

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