Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Dining experience at Patio Vera♥

I almost forgot to write about this: was supposed to share this dining experience last year, but because of the hectic holiday season I did not find time to do it.  It was our Department's last quarter meeting x Christmas get together rolled into one.  Every year my boss makes it a point that we have a simple celebration before the year ends.  Last year we dined at Patio Vera in Calumpang, Marikina City: a very intimate, cozy,  eclectic place that is just a couple of meters away from where I live. (not familiar with the place until that day)  I realized I am out of the coverage area already. (hahaha)

 I never really expected that it was beautiful inside. (It's within a neighborhood where you see tricycles lined-up and sari-sari stores around the vicinity)  It was an old house turned into a resto bar.  We weren't able to take a lot of photos since it's a little dark and I did not have a chance to go around the place since there is a photo shoot going on. My boss reserved seats for us on the garden area.  Canopy with chandelier I so loved it!

i love chandeliers

Snapshots while waiting...

We had the following:

Paella de Mariscos (sorry I did not tried this because I don't eat rice), Pork spareribs (yummy! Pork was so tender tangy barbeque sauce I love!), Chorizo and cheese stuffed chicken (so-so, not really a fan of this one), Shrimps adobo sa aligue (can't try this also: allergies), Chorizo & Sausage Aglio Olio ( likey!)

Paella de Mariscos
Pork Spare ribs
These are the only photos that I can share since others were extremely blurred. :(

Oh I almost forgot our dessert! Tres leches cake: so creamy, melts in your mouth.  You need to pour the cream shot over the cake to complete the drama... Verdict: Yummy!♥

Tres leches cake
On billing out: This surprised me! Since the place is owned by a former "sapatero" , they will hand you the bill in a glammed up high heel shoes.. Geez, i think it's a size 8. (my size... *wink!)


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