Monday, January 19, 2015

Francis effect♥

Still have the "Francis Effect" in my nerves...

that magnetic SMILE!
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Even though I did not have a chance to see him in person, I realized one thing... I don't need to see him to feel the presence of God.  Seeing him on the television or even on my pc through live streaming still gave me goosebumps and always end up in tears.  Yes, in tears (tears of joy).  His smile... his words... would really affect and move you. 

Importance of the family:  we all experience this now globally, through the growth in technology.  People tend to just play or tinker their tablets and ipads instead of checking or talking to their parents, siblings especially their children.  I admit I am a bit guilty on this sometimes... When you see people around you at the mall, restos and etc. you will see all of them looking down at their tablets instead of talking to each other.  Going back to basics, I agree with Pope Francis on this.  Family is the central unit in the society.  This is where we mold our children to become good citizens.  Now I understand why the children of today is a lot different from us before.  "Kulang sa kalinga at gabay ng magulang".  Because of poverty parents are either OFW or both working: but this should not be an excuse.  "Communication" is still important.  And "us" or "we" the children we should always honor and respect our parents and grandparents. 

Here is one of the things that Pope Francis mentioned on the Youth encounter at UST, and I quote:

"But women are capable of seeing things from a different angle to us, from a different eye. Women are able to pose questions that we, men, are not able to understand." - Pope Francis

I believe him totally!  We, women really see things in a different perspective: because we are sensitive and emotional.  That is why we say what we feel without being afraid of what others might think of us... we don't have those egos and pride that Men are protecting because they think that it will make them less-of-a-man.  Women are more real in expressing what we feel. (and we cry) That's why the Pope said it's okay to cry. "If we don't weep we not be better Christians."  (because we are only human)

Another quote that strucked me was the one he said at his Tacloban mass: 

"I walk with you with my silent heart." - Pope Francis

This brought me into tears.  Aside from seeing our kababayans in Tacloban weeping as the Holy Father delivers his homily, this words moved me.  It's like God is whispering in my ears these words...  really felt His Divine presence.  

I just hope that even if the Pope already left the Philippines, we should live by: all the things that he taught us.  Let's continue to be God's faithful servants...  (not only for the 5 days he is here but during our lifetime).  I am also truly happy to see that there are still a lot of Catholics here in the Philippines.  I know there are lot of religious groups now and I respect the choices of our kababayans, because at the end of the day: "We worship and pray to only One GOD".    


"Francis effect" is not only on me, but also to my nephew:  When I got home Saturday (January 17) from work I saw that he drew a sad face on his pad paper with the name of Pope Francis.  I asked him: "Lance, why is the face sad and crying?" Then he said: "That was me Ninang and I want to see him in person." I asked his dad (my brother), he told me when he was watching the live telecast of the Tacloban mass, Lance told him that he wanted to see Pope Francis.  Then his dad told him that he's not here, he's in Leyte.  Then Lance pointed on the television and cried.

I talked to him and told him to just write a letter to Pope Francis and I will post it online so Pope Francis will be able to read his message, and that made him smile.

Lance is only 6 years old and I never thought that Pope Francis will have such an impact on him.  Such a magnetic personality - His Holiness Pope Francis.

My Farewell message:

I really wanted to learn Spanish since I was in high school:  (but it was removed from the curriculum).  But I want to give the Pope a message in his native dialect, and I hope it's right.

"Have a safe trip. Thank you for visiting the Philippines. We love you!"


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