Saturday, January 31, 2015

January 2015: Arm candies styling round up ♥

I have this thing for piling or layering my arm candies.  (actually not just bracelets but also necklaces once in a while)  I love bracelets!  For me one isn't enough but 2 or 3 even 4 would just be fine! (*wink)  Though sometimes it really bothers me because of the clacking sound it makes especially when I am wearing resin bangles. (tiis ganda na lang).

Beginning this year I will try to share my accessory/jewelry styling hopefully I can do this weekly or monthly. (crossing my fingers here)

Bangles and cuffs are still a trend this year... No bracelet charms for the meantime, except for Pandora that is very popular these days.

Here are my picks for the month of January 2015:

1. My top pick! These are my current fave! H x H: Loving the color yellow + black for an added drama.  Pink is actually my favorite color, but nowadays I really love yellow things from bracelets, clothes and even bags.  Maybe because yellow is the color of sunshine, it will really make you smile! :)

2. For work I usually choose laid back not so "bongga" arm candies.  But I love sparkles!

3. Loving the cuffs + bangle combo in bold red!

 4. Hi-ho Silver!  Once in a while I wear silver or white gold accessories... gold compliments my skin better... that's why i usually opt in using two or three tone bracelets.

5. Gold x Tortoise: I don't know what it is with "tortoise" / acetate in accessories, I just like it.  But I think tortoise materials goes better with gold hardware.

Hope you like my choices!

Happy styling!


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