Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Reasons to celebrate this January♥

Been busy updating all of the paper works I left last Christmas holiday.  Whew! Need to push the speed and reality button: "Hey girl! It's already 2015, time to work, work, work!" That's my mantra every morning.  A bit on the vacation mode still.  Year-end is something very hectic in every accountant's life (of course I am used to that already).  

Yes, January is my favorite month... Lot of things to celebrate this month!♥

Aside from my birthday which falls on tomorrow (15th) and 22 years in service (can't believe that I have been working that long: since Jan 11, 1993), the most important event that will happen this year is: Pope Francis' visit here in the Philippines: Manila/Tacloban (January 15-19).  I am really hoping that I could see him in person.  The only problem is me having "vertigo": ever since I had this I refrained from going to crowded places, oh how I wish I could go to my Alma Mater (UST) on the 18th to see him.  

When I first heard about that he is coming his here in our country, I was really excited and felt blessed already since he is coming on my birthday.  Pope Francis has been an icon of peace and humility.  I hope with his visit: many Filipinos will strengthen their more, not only during or a couple of weeks after but during their lifetime.

"Dear Lord,  

Thank you for sending us Pope Francis as an instrument of your love to the Philippines.
Give him strength and protection not only during his visit but always.
Hope that he will touch the hearts of all the Filipino people especially those who had gone astray.

I ask this through Christ our Lord and...
Through the intercession of our Blessed Virgin Mary..


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