Thursday, January 29, 2015

Fabchqdesigns: My Story pendant/bag charm♥

I miss doing this!  It's been a while... "Hello again! To my crafting tools, charms and especially my creative mind." (hi hi)  But honestly I missed doing what I really love to do: CRAFTING!  Making and designing my own accessories... That's how Fabulousity by Chiq♥ started, I sell items that I personally make and design (handmade) from bracelets, necklaces, bag charms and headbands.  

Last year, I was really contemplating of going back to... (where I really started): well, that is doing new designs.  But due to busy schedules I wasn't able to squeeze it in. Maybe it also depends on my mood, sometimes I feel so "tamad" and my mind does not work. Can't think of what I really wanted to do. 

I was thinking of something that would really inspire me.  Since everybody is going ga-ga over Pandora bracelets... I need to do something that would tell one's story or personality and it should be versatile. Versatility is important to me when creating something: well I have already done bracelets that you just add chains so you can wear it as a necklace and vice versa, wanted it to be that way. 

I call this "My Story Pendant / Bag charm" where every pendant or bag charm is a different story...

Lobster lock on top so you can put it on your bag (as a bag charm) or  long necklace (as pendant). 

I added a crystal and tassel for some splash of color and sparkle.

 I can make one for you, if you like just visit my Facebook: I am just a PM away! :)



  1. I bought some materials for polymer clay but then I didn't even pursue it. These charms will look great in resin or polymer clay ^_^ I hope there's a ferris wheel charm too... It has a sentimental value to me but i can't find it even in clothes design :(

    1. Hi! If see a Ferris wheel charm, I will let you know, 😊


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