Friday, April 24, 2015

Pantene Age-defy♥

I got you!  After a long wait... finally.  Truly a loyal Pantene user, actually I can't remember when I really started using Pantene.  Recently I have been in search of Pantene's silky smooth care variant, I was able to find the conditioner but no success with the shampoo.  I even wrote Pantene Philippines to know if the variant was already discontinued: according to them it was not.  But I don't know why I can't find them in any grocery, supermarkets and drug stores.  Oh well, I need a plan B (find a replacement): was able to find Pantene Smooth and sleek variant in Unimart-Greenhills (which is not really available locally, it's from the US) it worked for my hair (I'm really "hiyang" to Pantene).  I visited their US website and found this Pantene Expert Collection.  There are 6 kinds:
  • Dry defy
  • Fade defy
  • Advanced Keratin repair
  • Age defy
  • Hair re-growth + volume
  • Boost
Of the 6: Pantene Age defy really caught my attention. I'm in my 40's and I know little by little I will be experiencing the 7 signs of aging.  What are these?
  • Unruly grays
  • Dryness
  • Lackluster color
  • Thinning
  • Breakage
  • Split ends
  • Frizz
Pantene and Olay worked hand in hand to develop this product.  We all know that Olay is famous for developing anti-aging products, I feel that their collaboration with Pantene will be something worth trying.

Effects:  You can immediately feel that the product worked after your first use.  Aside from making my hair silky smooth: It also added volume, tamed frizz and of course it brought back the luster and shine to my hair.  (I love it!♥♥♥♥♥)

Likes:  I love the scent, not too strong.  It has a slight hint of Olay fragance.  (if you're familiar with Olay products).  It's not the typical Pantene color white shampoo and conditioner: it's nude/lightish brown.

Rate: 5/5 ♥♥♥♥♥
Hoping that they will make this product locally available here in the Philippines.  I am really satisfied with it.  Would also love to try their Advanced Keratin repair.♥ 



  1. Pantene is too moisturizing for my hair type, gusto ko rin siya sa hair. I just don't like na dumudumi suklay ko with this shampoo. Sana nga it will be available in the Philippines, and then in sample room :D

    1. Products really depends on what's hiyang for us. Hope nga it will be available here, it's kinda pricey for these 2 it cost me more than P1K.


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