Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Quick tip: Office work space - Organizing forms & bills♥

Here's a quick tip to everyone!  This is how my work side table looks like.  My bank forms,  used envelopes (that I reuse/recycle), bills and etc. are placed in an old box that I wrapped with gift wrapper a couple of years ago.  It's already old, worn out, and needs to be replaced (ASAP).  After tidying up my home office work table at home, guess I need to do the same at my office work place.  

First office organization project: my side table.

 Found this letter rack from Daiso Japan home at P88.00

Whoala! Placed the envelopes on one side and bank forms on the other. In front I placed our office forms and vouchers.(love it!)♥

As for the bills, bank return slips, office leave forms, payslips I filed them separately so I can locate them easily.  I also do the same on my utilities bills at home.  I used old folders: wrapped and labeled it.  Isn't it pretty?♥

 Do you have any organizing tips to share?  
Let me know... :)

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