Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Tidying up my Home Office station♥

I'm back from the holy week break.  We're not used on going out of town during the holy week.  Staycation... after our yearly Visita Iglesia, I just stayed home and did some spring cleaning.  My first project, tidying up my work station.  Aside from my love for styling, I also love sharing my organizing solutions.

As I have shared on my previous posts I am so into acrylic organizers.  I bought a couple of acrylic containers and re-used my old ones.

This is how my home work station looks now...

For me I get so excited every time I see my stuff on acrylic organizers. Like these acrylic trays and containers I used them to house my pens, markers, pencils, washi tapes, gift tags: the good thing about them, they are stackable. (so very space saving)

Isn't it obvious that I love Hello Kitty! (hihi!)  The wooden desk organizer and mini radio are vintage!   I got them in the 90's.   The mini radio is still working... It was my office radio, when I started working in 1993 it was work buddy:  especially every Friday when me and my office mates are so ga-ga over "Love notes by Joe the Mango" at 89.9. (Who can forget that!)

That's my old acrylic make up/lipstick organizer, I used it for my work station supplies! (paper clips, clamps, erasers, staple wires and of course my cutie HK stapler)

Yes, I am quite OC ... I want my stuff to be at the right place so I can easily find them when I need them.  It's always a happy feeling to work or to do something on a well-organized environment...

Hope you like my home office station.  Do you have any organizing tips that you wanted to share? Would love to hear from you. 


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