Friday, April 17, 2015

Valentino: Rockstud trapeze bag♥

At first I was not really into with Valentino's Rockstud bag.  I am for classic bags like: Chanel's flaps, GSTs, Louis Vuitton's Speedy, Montorgueil, Neverfull.

I thought those studs will only make it just a "trendy" bagAnd sooner or later it will go out of style.  But I guess I am wrong.  From their first Rockstud trapeze tote bag (classic), followed by the Rainbow 1973 and Psychedelic Camo collections now comes their Rockstud Jacquered Logo bags.

I know a lot of things had been written about the bag, but I just want to share my insights about it. :)  I totally love the shape of their trapeze tote (like the LV neverfull).  And one more thing: you can also tuck or insert and hook the sides converting it to a regular tote.  What i dislike about shoppers it doesn't have zippers.

The Classic: Valentino Rockstud trapeze tote

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For this classic piece, Valentino also introduced their Watercolor Rockstud which consists of three (pastel) color combination.  

Rainbow: Rockstud 1973

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"Color me Valentino" : colorful bags fascinates me!  Since most of my outfits are black, I really love bags with vibrant colors - - - "Like the colors of the rainbow" (hahaha).  The is a big YES for me, really No-no for their Rainbow shoes.

source: google

So this is their new baby!♥ Valentino Rockstud Jacquered Logo: textile with "V" pattern + leather.  Aside from the trapeze tote like their other Rockstud bags: this will also come on all its major shapes: flap clutch, VaVaVoom shoulder bag and lock clutch.

How about you? What do you think about the Valentino Rockstud bag?


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