Thursday, July 02, 2015

Arm party for June 2015♥

Hello July and "Happy 442nd Araw ng Pasig!"  I know I should've shared this yesterday, but I was so busy with work... finishing month end reports. Well, that's the life of an accountant.

I can say this year June is a great month for me: new experiences... new friends... had my very first First Blog Collaboration with Miss Eleigh and finding my (our) long lost high school friend (barkada) Elvie. We've been searching for her for years, ever since our entire HS barkada became so active in social media.  Facebook has been a very useful tool in finding relatives, friends whom we have lost touch for years or decades.  

For the past 5 months I have been sharing my "aotd's":  accessories that I wore for the whole month.  So here's what I wore for the month of June.

June's muse: arm candies in silver, gold and pink gold tones... 

Hope you like them!

Happy Styling!♥


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