Friday, July 10, 2015

Hello Kitty x McDonald's SG 2015♥

source: mcdonald's singapore

Another Hello Kitty alert!!!  Hello Kitty is coming back to McDonald's Singapore starting July 27 as a part of Singapore's Golden Jubilee:.  They will be releasing 6 SG50 Hello Kitty plush collectibles. 

Each week starting July 27 a new toy will be released with every Value meal.  

And good news to those who have friends or relatives in Singapore they will also sell the whole set online starting July 20 at S$80.00 inclusive of GST and delivery fee.  The set includes Limited edition Singapore landscape booklet (with 6 paper standees and 6 Hello kitty cards) and 6 extra value meal food vouchers at S$5.00 each.

Again NO Hello Kitty value meal toys here in the Philippines.  I really feel bad when the license on Hello Kitty products was transferred to Jollibee. 


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